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Our prayer warriors are waiting right now, this moment to hear from you. Praying to God in faith changes the lives of believers. SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST  and our prayer warriors will lift you and your family up in prayer to God. It does not matter what obstacles you are facing; our God is a God of circumstances.  Expect a miracle in your body whether it is physical or mental, financial needs, a closer relationship with God or the healing of a broken personal relationship with your loved ones, or stronger faith. Give it to God and let Him navigate your Life. 


Remember God is a miracle worker!  

Prayer Request

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 As a member and prayer warrior  with Faith Word Healing Ministries,  I have seen God work many miracles. I am a living witness that if you let God navigate your circumstances a change will take place in your life.

Missionary Dianne Miller 

Norlina, North Carolina



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